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The pulp and paper industry integrates technologies for processing wood fibers,
production of bioproducts and innovative recycling.
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Cellulosic plant fibers are a biodegradable and renewable material.
Replacing fossil-based materials by cellulosic fibers is the contribution
to create an eco-friendly environment.
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The printing industry is one of the longest-serving industries in the world.
Personalized digital printing on any material, printed electronics
are examples of modern printing.
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Modern paper machine contains
more control systems than the Boeing 747.
Its operation requires advanced engineering knowledge.
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Every year, more than 90% of new products do not achieve commercial success
due to insufficient information.
Properly designed packaging is one of the keys to success.
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From interactive children's books to paper sensors and batteries,
anti-scanning and anti-copying technologies,
even rocket and satellite components.
Paper and printing products
are synonymous with innovation.

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Secured papers are still the most reliable due to the fact that
they are the hardest to counterfeit.
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Welcome to Centre of Papermaking and Printing of Lodz University of Technology

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